One tiny tablet, so many uses

When it comes to working with livestock, we know cleanliness is of critical importance. Your business depends on it. That’s why we’re bringing you EfferSan.

Whether you’re a dairy farm, cow-calf operator, cattle rancher or pasteurizing facility, EfferSan provides a simple, easy to use solution for keeping your operation sanitized and disinfected to the highest standards.

When your operation demands a highly sanitary environment, you’ll want a partner with the same dedication as you have to quality. Keeping animals and workers safe is a top priority and that’s the beauty of EfferSan. It has a neutral pH so you get a highly effective product that’s non-toxic and even safe for disinfecting your livestocks drinking water.

We believe in providing our customers the best products that get the job done quickly and efficiently. EfferSan offers a mild, non-irritating solution that delivers that sanitizes and disinfects 99.999% of bacteria and tough to tackle germs and viruses. EfferSan takes on Campylobacter jejuni, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella typhi and Staphylococcus aureus in just 1 minute! Plus, it’s safe to use around animals and aids in eliminating and controlling odors.

With an ever-changing landscape, it’s nice to know there can be some certainty. You’ll get that with EfferSan – consistency, efficacy, and an end result you can have confidence in. Let us take just a little hassle out of your day. With EfferSan, its three simple steps – fill, add, use.

When it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting hard surfaces, equipment, machine washing, or as a general sanitation rinse, EfferSan is your one stop tablet solution.




Sanitizing milk handling and processing equipment, clean-in-place sanitization of closed systems, fluid milk cooling and handling equipment, weigh tanks, coolers, shot-time pasteurizers, pumps, homogenizers, fillers, sanitary piping and fittings, bottle and can fillers, batch pasteurizers, holding tanks, weigh tanks, tank truck and cars. Controls odors in refrigerated areas and platforms.


Sanitizing feeding space, dropping boards, feeding troughs, food and canning plants, meat and poultry processing plants. Egg processing plants: cleaning egg shells, destaining egg shells, sanitizing eggs shells, Sanitizing egg cups, breaking knives, trays, egg freezers and other equipment, sanitizing of egg freezers and dryers. Drinking water too!

Swine Operations Case Study


EfferSan is the ideal safe, effective disinfectant for farrier use for disinfecting boots, tools, vehicles and equipment.






Sprayer Units

For the Small / Medium Jobs

Portable sprayers pair nicely with EfferSan. Just fill the unit with water, add desired amount of tablets, and let tablets dissolve. Once tablets are fully dissolved, you are ready to begin sanitizing and disinfecting.

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Container Size
Function Tablets needed
1.3 Gallon Sprayer
Disinfect 5 Tablets




Soak or Scrub

For soaking equipment and small parts

Use EfferSan as a soak, to sanitize and disinfect small parts and equipment. Simply fill up bucket with water and add tablets. Then let tablets dissolve and your sanitation bath is ready to use. 

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Container Size
Function Tablets needed
1 Gallon
Sanitize 1 Tablet
3 Gallons Sanitize 1 Tablet
5 Gallons Sanitize 2 Tablets

Uses and Applications

  • Sanitizing weigh tanks
  • Closed systems - fluid milk cooling and handling equipment
  • fillers
  • sanitary piping and fittings
  • bottle and can filler
  • egg processing
  • pumps
  • Milk handling and processing equipment
  • Shoe and boot bath sanitizer
  • Dairy farms
  • plants processing milk, cream, ice cream and cheese
  • homogenizers
  • cooler
  • short time pasteurizers

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