Small Animal

One tiny tablet, so many uses

If you’re goals include caring for animals in a clean and healthy environment, EfferSan may be the right cleaning solution for you. EfferSan packs a punch when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting, but has far greater benefits than a bleach alternative. For starters, it’s mild, non-irritating, and highly effective in eliminating and controlling odors. Unlike bleach and other harsh cleaning chemicals, EfferSan has a neutral pH desirable for animal and user safety.

From pet stores to vet clinics and kennels to birthing areas, ensuring the safety and well-being of animals is a top priority. That’s why EfferSan is easy to use for any size application and highly effective without being harsh.

Our team is proud to offer EfferSan for a wide variety of applications. It delivers excellence in product efficacy in three simple steps (Fill, add, use) diligently keeping animals safely protected from harmful germs and viruses.

With the dozens of decisions you need to make daily, you can feel confident and assured when choosing EfferSan. It’s EPA Registered and tackles sanitizing 99.999% of bacteria in 1 minute. That’s a job well done. Plus, EfferSan covers hard to tackle viruses including Canine parvovirus, Staphylococcus aureus, and many more.

From cleaning jobs big and small and used in a wide range of applications and settings, EfferSan effectively cares for vet clinics, pet stores, kennels, cages, water troughs, holding pens and cages, birthing areas, transport trucks, floors and counters, laboratory biosecurity, sanitation of equipment and instruments, and even as a sanitizing boot rinse.

EfferSan is a highly capable cleaning partner. After one use, you’ll find EfferSan is a win-win proposition.

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EfferSan Disinfectant Kills Canine Parvovirus



EfferSan tablets





Spray Bottles and Tablets

For the Smaller Jobs

EfferSan is a great disinfectant. Use EfferSan to spray down litter boxes, dog kennels, countertops, and much more. Just fill a 32oz spray bottle with water, add 1 tablet, and wait for it to dissolve. Within minutes you'll be ready to disinfect.

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Container Size
Function Tablets needed
32oz Spray Bottle
Disinfect 1 Tablet




Machine Washing 

Fabric Friendly

Use EfferSan for hand washing and machine washing of items. Works perfectly for cleaning and deodorizing items. Use on whites or colors, great for removing stains. 

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Function Tablets needed
HE Load
Cleaning 1 tablet to detergent dispenser
Regular Load Cleaning 1 tablet to pre-filled washer. Let set 2 minutes then add load




Sprayer Units

For the Larger Jobs

Portable sprayers pair nicely with EfferSan. Just fill the unit with water, add desired amount of tablets, and let tablets dissolve. Once tablets are fully dissolved, you are ready to begin sanitizing and disinfecting.

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Container Size
Function Tablets needed
1.3 Gallon Sprayer
Sanitize 1 Tablet
1.3 Gallon Sprayer
5 Tablets




Footwear Sanitizing Kit

For Sanitizing shoes and boots

EfferSan works well with low-moisture sanitation systems. They are easy-to-use and perfect for entryways and transition zones.

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Container Size
Function Tablets needed
2.5 Gallon Jug 
Sanitize 2 Tablets
2.5 Gallon Jug 
Disinfect 10 Tablets