One tiny tablet, so many uses

Disinfection is an unavoidable step in all wastewater treatment systems. EfferSan is a sanitizer and disinfectant which aids in the elimination of odors and a broad range of viruses and bacteria, especially those nasty fecal coliform. When tablets are dropped in a tank of water, the tablets begin to fizz and dissolve within minutes. Once the tablets are dissolved the solution it ready to use; no mixing required.

EfferSan is perfect for sanitizing and disinfecting tanks on luxury yachts, military ships, dinner-cruise vessels, ferry boats, commercial fishing boats, naval cruisers, offshore crew boats, and many more. The tablets are compact and safe for air transport.

  • Eliminates fecal coliform and other pathogenic bacteria found in wastewater systems
  • A simple treatment of gray water
  • Excellent disinfectant for every day galley use
  • Hard surface deodorizing and sanitizing

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