Benefits of EfferSan


EfferSan provides a gentle, non-irritating solution that thoroughly sterilizes and cleans surfaces. EfferSan will leave no stains, dangerous residues, or caustic smells that might taint consumable items and thereby require another wash. This means that utensils, dishes, kitchen work areas, or any kind of food processing area can be rinsed or cleaned with properly mixed solutions without requiring further work.


EfferSan tablets



The Environmental Protection Agency and United States Department of Agriculture have approved EfferSan as an effective product for the control of odor in a variety of applications. Odor control is effectively accomplished by the destruction of bacteria induced decay or organic matter. EfferSan yields a clear solution that radiates a slight chlorine scent. When used as a deodorizer, EfferSan attacks the odor causing bacteria leaving the treated area primarily odorless. In fact, EfferSan is so effective in controlling odors that dairy, swine, and poultry operations use this odor killing characteristic to treat their pens, barns, and processing areas.


EfferSan spray



EfferSan offers significant advantages in terms of consumer’s convenience. Available in precisely, measured, effervescent tables, the desired strength of a given solution can easily be prepared. Moreover, the lightweight, concentrated tablets can conveniently be handled and stored. EfferSan has a long shelf life of three years while in dry tablet form. Liquid bleach products are inherently unstable, loosing nearly 50% of their strength in 6 to 12 months, bulky liquid containers are difficult to lift, move and store. One small 100 tablet count container (less than one pound) makes over 333 gallons (more than 2830 pounds) of ready to use sanitizer.


EfferSan portable - easy to use



Effersan offers preparation Safety. Simply count a predetermined number of dry EfferSan tablets into the container of water. There is a possibility of spilling highly caustic liquids (like bleach) while pouring it out of the bottle.

EfferSan offers solution accuracy. Counting EfferSan tablets is far easier than measuring a liquid while pouring from one container to another. The easier the product is to use, the less likelihood of either under or overuse.

EfferSan offers easy and safe empty container disposal. The small, empty container of EfferSan may be simply discarded in the garbage for disposal or my be recycled with other HDPE plastic containers. Competitive liquid, bulk product often leave significant liquid residues in their containers which may pose potential disposal hazards. In fact, large, empty container of bleach must be disposed of in EPA approved, hazardous waste dumps, at additional expense to the user.

EfferSan offers safety to the user during application. Solutions of EfferSan are nearly pH neutral, which will not irritate hands or eyes during use. Contrast the gentle nature of EfferSan to the harsh and caustic traits of bleach, iodine, or ammonia. Dairy farmers, reporting on the use of EfferSan in large quantities, note that prolonged usage of EfferSan does not induce the usual side effect associated with other sanitizers - chapping hands, dry and peeling skin, burning and harsh smells.


EfferSan drinking water